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Continuing education rocks: Practice-oriented training programs for the ONSITES crew with the Open Institute Varna

The unstoppable progress in digitalization requires a regular update of the personal skills of the entire ONSITES crew. At the Open Institute Varna, ONSITES employees can now keep themselves up-to-date in practice-oriented training programs.

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In a world where digitalization is advancing ever more rapidly it is of crucial importance for employees to constantly enhance their hard and soft skills. New advanced technologies, approaches, frameworks, and even programming languages are constantly emerging on the surface, making the IT sphere one of the most dynamic and inviting ones. In order to stay on top in this competitive market, employees in the field of IT must always keep up with the new trends. This is why at ONSITES all employees are constantly encouraged to acquire new skills or improve their existing skills. 

To support this initiative the company is working closely with the Open Institute – a digital continuing education platform – in order to ensure high-quality training to all of its staff members. These trainings are provided under the form of company courses, coaching sessions and workshops that are mostly practice-oriented but also include lessons on teaching employees about valuable soft skills needed for the successful achievement of certain goals at the workplace. The courses are focused primarily in the fields of web development and digital marketing. The web development training constitutes of frontend and backend practices. In the frontend area that focuses on the visual appearance of a website, experienced programmers are working closely with junior web developers, as well as interns to create beautiful web designs in languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript that will be both functional, fast, and responsive. What is more these training courses also teach developers how to think like frontend developers. Backend practices, on the other hand, refer to the server-side development and as such aim at teaching web developers how to program in languages such as SQL and PHP. In addition, employees and interns will also acquire knowledge on website architecture, scripting, and databases. 

The Open Institute also offers training for all employees and interns working in the digital marketing department. Digital marketing is an important aspect for any company as it allows for a broader audience to be reached and informed about the products or services offered by the company. Yet, as with any other industry, new trends are also constantly coming up and it is important for digital marketing specialists to always keep up with them. This is why ONSITES has provided to its employees and interns cross-training courses that focus on social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, public relations, and brand marketing. Furthermore, these courses will also teach participants how to get to know better their audience, increase interactivity through different marketing materials, establish brand loyalty, track consumers’ activity, and more. 

In addition to the above-mentioned training courses, the Open Institute is also offering coaching sessions that focus on projects from the daily business practice that might be facing challenges requiring an adequate solution. The approach used by the coaches in this type of training practices does not, however, offer direct solutions to the participants but instead expects from them to develop a solution on their own through structured discussions. Employees and interns might also participate in workshops carried out in the Institute, where everyone works as part of a group or a team in a collaborative manner in order to realize a particular project intensively for a short period of time. This approach encourages participants to use their creative and critical thinking while exchanging ideas with one another under the directions of a moderator. 

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