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Pop the champagne! It’s ONSITES’ fourth birthday

May is a special month for ONSITES, because it marks the company’s birthday. Each year, it is a time for celebration, but also for reflection on our journey so far and setting even higher goals for the year ahead.

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During the past year, ONSITES has consistently triumphed in the digital world, especially by continuing to improve and establish our university portal, alongside the digital education platform Open Institute, as well as and other innovative projects. The team has been more dedicated than ever to reaching the common objectives by working tirelessly on all tasks related to the successful launch and maintenance of every platform.

One of the biggest achievements that ONSITES accomplished before its fourth birthday was the Employer Branding Award in the category Management of New Employees. This recognition is not only an incredible compliment for our hard work, but also motivation to keep doing what we are best at – developing our personal expertise along with the projects we are so dedicated to. Our onboarding process is the perfect example for the carefully-prepared strategy that is adapted to each task and project. From selecting the right candidates to smoothly integrating them into the team, ONSITES has proved itself as a leader in employer branding, which is demonstrated by the prestigious award.

So, to celebrate this achievement and the birthday of the company, the entire team got together to enjoy a delicious hearty meal and an evening filled with laughter and excitement – a well-deserved treat after the busy but extremely successful year.

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