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New success stories at ONSITES

ONSITES continues to reward its employees for their excellent development within the company. Today is a day of celebration, because ONSITES is not only a workplace, but also a professional training facility. We celebrate the training achievements of Desislava Slavova, Viktor Peev and Mihail Mihaylov.

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An old saying goes, “It’s not always about being the best. Rather, it’s about being better today than yesterday.” That proverb exemplifies the three incredible and ambitious members of our team. They began their training with us through a scholarship program, gaining their first practical experience. In today's world, purely academic education at a university is no longer enough to land one's dream job after completing a successful university degree. This is why more and more students are starting to gain their first professional experience during their studies. We are a company that likes to give young people a boost, whether they have practical experience or are yet to obtain it with us. We are happy to help them gain not only practical knowledge but also soft skills such as teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills, which are extremely valuable for their future.

Desislava, Viktor, and Mihail have evolved with each passing day during their practical training at ONSITES. From the first day, they have been involved in the company's projects and have been doing remarkably well ever since. They have remained ambitious and hardworking throughout, qualities we highly value. ONSITES never fails to recognize its employees' dedication. Therefore, those three students are awarded the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS), certifying the completion of their practical training.

ONSITES’ team is full of young people who are eager to achieve high results not only at work but also in life. The company is more than just a place to work, it lives a high passion for digital projects with great freedom of design. ONSITES is happy to help its employees grow and thus provides them with a variety of excellent opportunities to reach their full potential. Would you like to join our digital crew and further your professional development? Click here to explore our excellent career opportunities!

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