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ONSITES makes a donation in support of Ukrainian refugees

The news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine has shaken everyone around the world, but also gathered solidarity and support for the people affected most by the crisis. ONSITES, too, is helping Ukrainian refugees coming to Bulgaria with a direct donation.

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During this terrifying time for the people of Ukraine, everyone has been deeply saddened by the news of the ongoing military conflict in the country. People from all walks of life, from regular residents to CEOs of major businesses and Hollywood celebrities, are offering millions to assist Ukraine defend itself against Russia's invasion, including medical supplies, military equipment, and even pet food. Naturally, the ONSITES team decided to be proactive and provide help for Ukrainian refugees as well.

The people fleeing to Bulgaria from the distressing developments in their home country are in need of any support that can be given. One of the most essential things is, of course, food, which is exactly what ONSITES focused on. Together, the team made a generous donation of canned food and packaged food, cooking oil and water to the Ukrainian cultural center in Varna, where refugees are already residing. In addition, working closely with the charitable Organization of Bulgarian Scouts, ONSITES provided 20 backpacks, 20 lunch boxes, 20 headphones and 200 FFP2 masks that will be distributed to Ukrainian citizens arriving in the country.

With this gesture, ONSITES shows its strong support for the Ukrainian people during this extremely difficult time for them, and expresses its hope that through the help of so many, those affected will be able to find refuge.

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Fit in the digital age: ONSITES puts itself forward as "mobile & desktop"

ONSITES gets off to a good start: With its original design and innovative technology, ONSITES presents itself “mobile & desktop“.

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Welcome to the digital year 2020

The megatrend in the digital sector will continue in 2020, which will primarily benefit the user.