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President’s Education Award in Gold: a new addition to ONSITES’ memorabilia

ONSITES Group was praised once again for its outstanding contributions within the sphere of education. This time the initiative comes from the Norton High School California, on behalf of the President of the United States and the United States Secretary of Education.

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On the 15th of November, 2019, the Norton High School California honored ONSITES Group with a President’s Education Award in Gold for their dedication and hard work in providing practical training for high-school students. Both parties have been in collaboration since 2018 and have since established a strong and lasting partnership. This is why with this award, Norton High School California wants to acknowledge the high-quality online practical training that ONSITES Group has offered to their students, along with the forward-looking commitment within the scope of sustainable development of young professionals.

Nowadays, students and young professionals face more and more unique challenges when it comes to career success. ONSITES understands how valuable hands-on-experience is on the job market and so has decided to offer internships for high-school students. Through such initiative, the company strives to provide opportunities for young adults to get a head start by gaining practical experience. Whether voluntary internship or a mandatory one, students at Norton High School could engage in both variants based on the available positions. Throughout the course of four to twelve weeks, each student gains not only an insight into the professional world of digital marketing and web development but also valuable skills. ONSITES strongly believes that such background could ensure that participants of the internship programs stand out from the crowd in any of their future endeavours, whether they will be applying for a university, another internship program, or a job.

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