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Welcome to the new year 2022 - exciting and thrilling

With the beginning of the new year, ONSITES is soaring ahead at full speed. In order to keep the momentum and continue the interesting projects that were started in 2021, the company is implementing its employee-friendly strategy and extending its run as an excellent employer brand. But first things first, let us revisit some of the highlights of the past year and celebrate our accomplishments.

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Despite the ongoing pandemic, 2021 was a successful year for ONSITES. One of the biggest achievements came with the launch of our online portal for universities and (prospective) students in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – During the year, the platform steadily grew and expanded to where it is now: more than 30,000 active international users who are able to find out about more than 500 universities and more than 25,000 degree programs. Along with the valuable information that is available to all of our users, they also have access to quizzes, games, a forum, and more. One of our best initiatives connected to were the grants and scholarships we gave out: we donated three COVID-19 aid packages as well as sponsored 60 COVID-19 grants to students. In addition, the Academic Performance Excellence Award was awarded to a very talented and high-achieving music student in Vienna.

Apart from the university portal, we also successfully developed other projects, in particular our in-house Open Institute, which was accredited by Collegium Humanum - Warsaw Management University. On it, we can now offer various academic programs at different levels – Bachelor, Master, MBA, Doctorate and Certificate programs.

Furthermore, we have established the ONSITES Talent Club, which serves the purpose of connecting past and present employees, in order to establish a network of likeminded and idea-focused motivated individuals. From invitations to exclusive and exciting events, through special discounts in the CHIC Business Store, to offers and raffles for all members, the Talent Club provides numerous benefits.

In 2021, ONSITES continued its employee-friendly policy, proving that the wellbeing and good spirits of everyone are top priorities. Along with the pre-existing benefits, employees were introduced to monthly food vouchers, extended annual paid leave, an extended refer-a-friend program, and a welcome bonus in the form of a comprehensive company kit and special personal gift for new additions to the team.

Looking back at our highlights in 2021, we start the new year 2022 motivated to face new challenges. Just some of our focal points during the year include:

·       Further expansion of the portal with individual service offerings not only for universities and companies as it has been so far, but also for prospective students worldwide who want to study in Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

·       Additional focus on other portals we have been developing, in order to extend the range of services for students. Apart from our main project,, there are other exciting online platforms that are yet to step onto the main stage.

·       Further development and expansion of the educational offers at the Open Institute in cooperation primarily with Collegium Humanum - Warsaw Management University.

·       Continuation and refinement of the onboarding strategy, as well as further establishment of ONSITES as a leading employer brand on the job market. Employees are the most crucial component of our business to us: new team members are greeted not just with a kind attitude and appreciation from the rest of the team, but also with a variety of incentives, and all employees are motivated and encouraged to keep developing and reach their full professional potential.

It is undoubted that we live in challenging times, but at ONSITES we believe that together we are working towards establishing not only highly functional and useful online portals, but also a network of friendly and likeminded professionals, dedicated to a common goal.

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