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The Easter Bunny eagerly ran through Varna: ONSITES donates for sick and disabled children and young people

In order to spread the Easter joy and give back to those in need, ONSITES has decided to donate money to the Children’s Home for Medical and Social Care in Varna. The donation contributes to the purchase of a sterilization machine that will greatly benefit the children, even more so during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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While Easter is a holiday to get together with family and enjoy good food and the festivities, not everyone has that luxury. It is important to give some time to those less fortunate and aid in any way you can. Dedicated to the cause of helping people in need, ONSITES has made a donation to the Children’s Home for Medical and Social Care in Varna. 

The Children’s Home for Medical and Social Care has the capacity to accommodate 180 children who require early intervention and rehabilitation, diagnosis, and early treatment of conditions related to the central nervous system, the peripheral nervous system, genetic and orthopedic diseases, and disabilities after surgical interventions. 170 highly qualified medical and non-medical professionals work at the Home to provide 24-hour care to the children in need. Because the Children’s Home for Medical and Social Care is state-funded, donations are essential for the organizational upkeep and continuous running of the establishment. 

The cause was unanimously decided on by the ONSITES team, who all contributed to the donation. Earlier this month, ONSITES reached out to the Home to inquire about the current necessities of the children and staff. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the Children’s Home for Medical and Social Care, making a sterilization machine the top priority. The generous donation of 500 BGN from the ONSITES team will contribute to the purchase of the machine, which will help keep the establishment and supplies sanitary, and significantly decrease the risk of infection. ONSITES is happy to have helped such an important cause in the spirit of the Easter holidays!

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