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Getting through the ONSITES working day fit and healthily: Health program, breaks and nutrition

ONSITES is constantly optimizing its workplace to meet the needs of each employee and keep them fit and healthy throughout the day.

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Everyday ONSITES’s employees are facing various different situations that require creative and critical thinking for the successful achievement of goals. In order for the staff to be able to take the right decisions while sometimes working under pressure good health is required. ONSITES always strives to be innovative in every aspect of its work, which is why part of the Company’s focus falls namely on employees’ wellness. To encourage a healthier lifestyle, ONSITES pays serious attention to keeping its staff fit and healthy through a stable health program, regular breaks, and a selection of nutritious snacks and drinks at the company’s kitchen area. 

The first step of the wellness initiative was the introduction of a comprehensive health insurance in 2019 that was supplemented in January 2021 with a better policy in order to meet even more of the employees’ needs in terms of medical treatments and the coverage of most costs associated with any medical or dental care. In addition to the health insurance, ONSITES also signed a group contract for the use of a MultiSport card that grants access to more than 750 different places throughout Bulgaria where employees can practice a wide range of sporting activities such as fitness, boxing, yoga, aerobics, and others. With this move the Company aims at encouraging team members to occupy their free time with training or relaxations so that both their physical and mental health will be in excellent condition. 

Working in an office environment for longer hours can cause fatigue, which in turn results in reduced productivity, lack of concentration, and inability to fulfil multiple tasks. To battle this widespread phenomenon, ONSITES has created a working schedule that comprises of ten-minute breaks in the morning and in the afternoon along with a one-hour lunch break. During the shorter breaks employees can go outside on the terrace to have a chat, drink a cup of coffee or tea, or simply relax their eyes while admiring the splendid view of the green landscapes ahead. 

ONSITES believes that fresh food is the key to maintaining a fit and healthy body and mind. That is why the Company encourages its staff members to eat healthily and sensibly while at the workplace. To do so, ONSITES is constantly providing to its employees healthy snack alternatives such as fresh fruits, nuts, protein and granola bars while limiting the stack of junk food in order to moderate the consumption of sweet and salty snacks such as chips and chocolates that can cause a sluggish feeling. In addition to the food provided within the office area, employees can also enjoy a freshly cooked meal every day in the restaurant located in the Bee Garden Business Centre. There professional chefs are working hard on ensuring a different menu throughout the week that also includes vegan and vegetarian dishes suitable for every taste. Another way of ONSITES’s strategy to keep employees active during work is to ensure that they drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. Dehydration can cause a lot of negative effects such as loss of strength or feeling of drowsiness. This is why in the kitchen area, employees can find a water dispenser with water bottles always in stock in case the water runs out. In addition a wide range of tea flavours is also available along with fresh organic coffee, milk, and juices. 

“Health is wealth” is the leading motto that expresses ONSITES’s perception of a healthy lifestyle, which is why the company will always continue to look for new ways of improving all aspects related to their employees’ well-being. 

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