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ONSITES enhances the attractiveness of its employer brand with new benefits and incentives

ONSITES prides itself on its recognition of employee needs and dynamic dedication to providing top opportunities not only in terms of professional development, but also a motivating and high-spirited environment. Since its establishment in 2018, ONSITES has introduced a number of amazing employee benefits, including an excellent remuneration package that reflects performance, a flexible internal refer-a-friend bonus program, individual mentoring and career development, feel-good working and team spirit, free snacks and beverages in the office, an additional health insurance and Multisport card, and more. Today, three years later, the benefits and incentives continue to expand.

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In with the new: what benefits are coming?

What does it mean to be an attractive employer brand? In today’s busy and ever so digitalized modern life, it is no longer enough to just offer a competitive salary. Young qualified professionals are looking for more – personal and social benefits. The additional health insurance and Multisport card are staples at ONSITES, ensuring good health and high spirits for everyone throughout the year. The office kitchen has always been stacked with healthy snacks and treats year-round, accessible to everyone during the work day. However, ONSITES employees will now also receive monthly food vouchers. A significant benefit that allows employees and their families to meet their daily needs by spending them freely in the chosen affiliate shops, food vouchers promote a healthy and balanced diet, and help raise team spirit.

The flexible internal refer-a-friend bonus program is expanding and offering employees even bigger bonuses. There is also a reward for new employees joining the ONSITES team: a welcome bonus in the form of a comprehensive company kit and special personal gift.

A great opportunity for academic and professional development – ONSITES is happy to present long-term employees with the unique chance of participating in MBA and certification programs, entirely sponsored by the company. Commitment to future success, encouragement of growth, improvement of performance and talent development are all part of the main priorities for ONSITES. The participation in the MBA and certification programs means that employees will be able to earn extra qualifications alongside their work and build on their skills in a job-integrated case study manner.

And last but not least, because rest is also extremely important, employees will also have more days to go on holiday and relax. Annual leave allows employees to take paid time off from work for the purpose of having regular breaks so that they can unwind and re-energize. For this reason, from the beginning of 2022, the annual paid leave will increase from 20 to 24 days.

ONSITES is thrilled to announce all of the new bonuses and incentives and once again confirm itself as an attractive employer brand that is always keeping the employees’ best interests as a top priority.



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