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More than just a workplace: ONSITES celebrates the achievements of its employees

ONSITES once again goes above and beyond for its employees. Today the company is celebrating the achievements of Stanimira Dyakova and Tanzhu Ahmed who have successfully completed the ONSITES scholarship program.

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Employees are at the heart of every company, which is why ONSITES values its team members and always strives to treat them with respect and fairness. Among the many perks and benefits that the company offers an essential one is ONSITES’ scholarship program. The program was designed for young adults who have not yet turned 25 years of age and are currently completing a Bachelor or a Master degree course. Interns who participate in this program can choose from several fields in Digital Marketing, Web Development, and Business Administration where they can further deepen their understanding of the fundamentals in each area. Provided in collaboration with the Open Institute, an innovative and entirely digital education platform, this program has been developed with the intention to strengthen even more the knowledge and skills that interns acquire while working at ONSITES. 

The two interns are currently studying at the Varna University of Management and are both taking the International Business Management course. Soon after they embarked on their journey with ONSITES, both received the opportunity to enrol in the continuing education program Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS), which is offered by the Open Institute in Business Accounting and Digital Product Management. With its practice-oriented approach, the CAS course gave the two young adults the opportunity to specialize in those two subject areas while giving them a theoretical knowledge that expands beyond the previously acquired one.    

ONSITES’ team comprises of enthusiastic young adults who are commitment and motivated to achieve great results not only in their workplace but also in life. The company is very happy to see its employees grow, which is why it always strives to offer them great opportunities that can further develop their potential. Want to be one of them? Join our team now and take a look at ONSITES’ exciting career opportunities right here

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