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ONSITES Management expands business area: chic Business founded

The work on the launch of a digital project in education marketing planned for 2021 is in full swing. The integration of physical products into this interesting digital project is already being developed.

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ONSITES has been planning to launch a digital project in education marketing in 2021, recognizing the importance of higher education and focusing on the needs of students around the world. As a result of the keen interest in the ongoing projects with an academic theme, an expansion of the project was discussed in the ONSITES project team. From current market surveys it became evident that entertainment is a key factor for the target group. In order to better structure the project as well as delineate digital services and physical products, the owner and CEO of ONSITES founded chic Business LTD, effective May 6, 2020. 

chic Business LTD plans to sell products specifically for the student target group. Offering university essentials with a digital twist at affordable prices, chic will meet the needs of modern students who are tired of seeing high-price tags and unsatisfactory quality. With products ranging from convenient lunchboxes and environmentally-friendly reusable cups, to smart fitness trackers and powerbanks, chic will offer high-quality innovative, multifunctional and sustainable gadgets and everyday products. Not only students, but people from all walks of life will be able to benefit from the easy-to-use yet effective chic products that are especially designed to make life simpler and take the monotony out of repetitive everyday tasks. 

Exactly as its name suggests, chic will put effortless sophistication and classic style at the forefront of every product’s concept. Being chic and stylish while also rocking the latest digital inventions has never been easier than with chic. Marching on into the future with endless possibilities, ONSITES and chic Business LTD will pave the way for the busiest of students and working professionals to have access to essential, price-effective smart and multifunctional products. chic will make everyone look and feel chic!

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