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Chaos during Corona lockdown: ONSITES is well prepared

The lockdown ordered by authorities due to rising corona numbers around the world is catching many companies off guard and causing chaos. But ONSITES is pretty well prepared.

15 Mar 2021 News Image

Last week the Bulgarian parliament along with the National Crisis Management Staff declared a national state of emergency due to the Coronavirus pandemic outburst that will last until the 13th of April. 201 deputies voted unanimously on Friday for certain response measurers to be taken after the significant increase of Covid cases across the country. The decision came with the aim to fight and slow down the spread of the disease, since the devastating impact of the virus poses a real danger at this moment for the entire nation. As a result, everyone who has been in contact with a Covid patient or has travelled overseas to a region with a significant number of Covid cases will be a subject of a 14-day preventive house quarantine. In addition, citizens who have been tested positive for the virus will be subjected to a 21-day house quarantine. 

Slowly after the first known cases of Coronavirus patients in Wuhan, China in December last year, governments across the world have started introducing various restrictions focused on containing the spread of the virus on a global scale. As of Friday last week the World Health Organization (WHO) has begun to consider Europe as an active epicentre of the pandemic, with more reported cases and deaths of Covid-19 than the rest of the world in countries like Italy, Spain, and France. Flight suspensions, public school and university closures, as well as the prohibited commercial activity of many stores, shopping centres, gyms, restaurants, bars, and others are only a few of the response measures introduced by the governments across the world. In the attempt to slow down the spread of the disease, many companies have started urging their employees to work from home as well. This action is expected to change the corporate culture since the Covid-19 crisis could actually make this shift of working patterns permanent as businesses across the globe are forced to embrace remote working as quickly as possible. 

ONSITES has also joined this initiative, implementing work-from-home rules for all of its employees for security reasons. Even with the lockdown being introduced just a few days ago, the company is well-prepared with a solution that complies with all precautions recommended by the authorities for the safety of everyone. The product management team along with the web development department have worked hard developing a digital project management tool that will ease the collaboration between all employees even from the comfort of their homes. The tool comprises of several features that aim at ensuring an equally efficient project control work regardless of the workplace. These include a project menu where all projects are displayed with a detailed project description so that every employee has a clear idea about their allocated task. In addition, every project is classified under one of the four different project statuses, along with a time frame and level of priority so that it is easier for the employee to organize accordingly their time and duties. All of these modern features have been designed in such a way as to allow cross-departmental project coordination for a successful achievement of the company’s goals even during remote working. 

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