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Back in the ONSITES office: The first day after more than ten weeks of lockdown

The ONSITES team breathes a sigh of relief. Finally, after ten weeks of lockdown, there is a lively office again with our entire team, because working in the company of others is a good thing. But there are some safety-related aspects to consider as well.

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The pandemic and the lockdown that came with it have caused a lot of issues for many people around the world. The social isolation during the lockdown was one of the key factors that led to many employees going through depression and having hard times to work while at home. As the world struggled to take control over the spread of the pandemic, many employees sought to adjust to the “new normal” by searching for ways to stay happy, healthy, and productive during the months of isolation.

At ONSITES the well-being of employees is a top priority, which is why ONSITES decided to take all necessary measures and ensure a safe working environment for all employees so that they can come back to the office and once again enjoy the professional atmosphere. The feeling of going out and meeting up with other people than your relatives is incomparable and all of ONSITES’ employees were quite excited to reunite at the office. Some of the first thoughts its employees shared about their experience of working from home shed more light about the downsides of remote working. Many felt that their productivity had decreased over the past months despite the good project management tool that had been introduced at the beginning of the lockdown. The lack of social contact during meetings or lunch breaks also contributed to the decrease of employees’ well-being and rise of the feeling of solitude that many experienced while at home. Working at flexible hours does not necessarily mean that one can be more motivated and productive. In fact, the opposite was the case: many of the team members shared that while working from home they often took breaks, which disrupted their work and at the end had a negative impact on their overall performance and quality of work. In addition to that, many of the employees felt frequently distracted by their relatives, kids or even pets, which made it difficult for them to manage and organize their time spent on a certain project.  

Now that everyone is back on track, the ONSITES office has restored its vibrant flair. On the first day after more than ten weeks of isolation the employees were introduced to the new changes upon arrival. The company cares for its employees’ safety, which is why the management team has made sure to stick to the safety measures as advised by the health authorities. A distance of at least two meters has been established between all workstations, allowing enough space among employees. Further hygiene measures have been taken; the entire office has been supplied with hand sanitizers, masks and wipes, taking into consideration occupational health and safety instructions. In addition kitchen and sanitary facilities, as well as door handles, and desks are to be regularly disinfected by team members. Moreover, good health requires a good immune system, which is why the company has decided to supply the kitchen twice per week with fresh fruits, vegetables, and foods rich in nutrients to increase employees’ health. Fresh coffee and tea are also always available for everyone who wants to enjoy a warm beverage while catching up with the rest of the colleagues. 

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