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ONSITES‘ practice-oriented training: First graduates successfully complete their scholarship program

The first graduates have successfully completed their scholarship program at ONSITES. Now they have to prove themselves in practice.

30 Sep 2020 News Image

ONSITES started the scholarship program established by the Bulgarian government in 2019. Two students joined the team with positions in web development and digital marketing, working for the company, studying and gaining valuable experience at the same time. Students are required to complete a mandatory internship at a company or organization which usually takes three months, but finding the right place can be very difficult. The scholarship program makes it easier to discover internship opportunities while also serving as an opportunity for companies to find interns who can potentially turn into future employees. 

The scholarship program aims to improve the overall quality of higher education by giving students the chance to gain practical experience in a real-world environment. It makes the shift from lecture hall to workplace easier and also helps students successfully integrate themselves into the job market. Establishing a stable connection between higher education institutions and businesses, the program encourages students to enhance their skills and motivates them to keep growing and developing professionally. 

Third-year students from universities in Varna are able to apply for their mandatory internship at ONSITES. The company selects the most qualified and motivated candidates, who demonstrate excellent hard and soft skills that distinguish them in a highly competitive job market and help them earn the coveted spot of intern at ONSITES. If during the three months of mandatory internship the students are able to prove themselves as valuable assets to the company, being able to contribute to the team, they will get the chance to be accepted for the prestigious ONSITES scholarship program. During the scholarship program, the student is placed in a department and supervised and trained by a mentor for their potential job for a period of one year. The student receives a monthly stipend from the company, which ranges from BGN 300 to BGN 600. Ultimately, after the scholarship program has ended, if the student has met all the criteria and showed dedication, as well as improvement and new practical skills in the workplace, they will receive an employment contract for a permanent job with a fixed salary. The scholarship program is an excellent opportunity for both students and companies, resulting in well-trained, already integrated and prepared professionals ready to work in their field of choice. 

ONSITES congratulates the two graduates in the departments of web development and digital marketing, who have successfully completed their scholarship program and proved themselves as motivated students, ready to learn and gain essential practical skills and qualifications. Now, for them the quintessential part of their professional journey begins – it is time to prove themselves in practice and develop themselves as real professionals. 

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