Our Mission

ONSITES is a modern digital company steering a growth course in a digital world that is developing at a rapid pace. With our innovative and creative web portals in the fields of education and career marketing, we seek to build a solid bridge between conventional and digital business. Being digital natives, we are optimizing the web – together with you! The exceptional minds of our digital expert crew inspire and intrigue with unusual concepts on our web portals that change people’s thoughts, feelings and actions on a sustainable basis. Enter the thrilling world of a new generation of Internet platforms to tackle the big challenges of our digital age.

Our Values

From the meaning of work to meaningful work: Our daily work is not just a job; it reflects passion and attitude towards life. Along these lines, we are led by ten value principles to create a fair and trustful foundation among shareholders, management and staff.
  • ... defines the company’s identity, for with its web portals, ONSITES always operates "on sites"
  • ... acts autonomously, responsibly and sustainably in the spirit of community.
  • ... encounters people openly and transparently, as well as with trust and respect. We keep our word!
  • ... is always on the lookout for the best solution, makes prudent decisions, and acts consistently.
  • ... ensures the sustainability of its web portals for the benefit of its users, provides optimum performance, and shows stamina.
  • ... has the courage for innovation and is therefore an integral part within the context of digital intelligence.
  • ... is all of us: The entire team complements one another in terms of their know-how and experience. Discussing different viewpoints and scenarios brings about the best result.
  • ... operates a management system that is based on both heart and mind.
  • ... demands and promotes the commitment, capabilities and potential of employees in an equal way, irrespective of the company hierarchy.
  • ... thrives on constructive and appreciative feedback of all its stakeholders, contributing to the continuous improvement of the entire team’s skills and performance.

Our Portfolio

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    Stand out with your article and go one level higher into the world of academia now!

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    chic is hip: creative, sympathetic and emphatic for living.

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    Smart minds kickstart your business for a digital future of superlatives.

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    Education, Research, Coaching & More on the Internet: A digital class of superlatives.

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    Germany, Austria or Switzerland? Find your study program in the flair of ideas and innovations.

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    Top-notch quality printing & binding services for your thesis. Still made and shipped today.

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    Break down the language barriers with state-of-the-art digital translation devices.

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    The platform where education and fun meet: Find your perfect way to study in the DACH region.

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    The university and me: Discover cool study opportunities all over the world.

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    Our way is your destination: Excellent Web Projects & Digital Marketing.


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    ONSITES connects – topics, people, technologies. Thanks to our outstanding projects, which relate to current subjects and exciting best practices, we provide perfect platforms in digital business. Get connected with us - we are looking forward to receiving your message.