Cool onboarding for new team members through the creation of feel-good working environments at ONSITES

The recent career events held by Jobtiger and VFU showed positive effects for several applicants at once: Following interesting interviews and successfully completed aptitude test procedures, they finally got one of the sought-after jobs at ONSITES. In this context, the motivated ONSITES team pursues a special kind of welcoming culture.

During the recent career events carried out by Jobtiger and VFU, ONSITES managed to successfully present itself and inspire applicants for digital business with fascinating jobs. As a result, over the next three months, the ONSITES team will expand its staff by up to ten new employees. In doing so, the expansion of staff at ONSITES is proceeding more quickly than originally planned. In light of this tremendous expansion of personnel capacities, however, the previous office concept is not capable of offering the current and new team members a high-quality working environment. There is a consensus among all team members that a good office concept must have a creative and functional design that generates a motivated, efficient and relaxed workflow. It must promote a feeling of togetherness, reflect the existing corporate culture, mirror the corporate structures, optimize processes, and provide each employee with as much freedom as possible – rather than generate lack of space. Corporate success as well as satisfaction of the entire team is determined not only by office design but also by a feel-good working atmosphere. 

Therefore, based on thorough discussions between management and the web development as well as the marketing team, efforts were made to develop an individual open office space concept. Any decision made within the entire team is always more effective, even though it usually takes more time compared to decisions made individually. After all, each team makes its own contribution to the achievement of goals, as it has its own challenges and interfaces, thus creating a process that is new and valuable to all parties involved. Following the delivery of the new office furniture and working devices last Friday, the entire team lent a hand in an effort to directly put the office concept into practice. With this first onboarding measure, the current ONSITES team would like to amicably welcome all new team members from day one, meet them with appreciation and provide a feel-good working environment.