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ONSITES defies Corona: Fit and healthy in the new year with an expanded health program

ONSITES already started a health program in January 2019 by providing private health insurance and a multisport card for all team members, which is financed by the employer. Now the health program has been expanded.

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One of the main priorities at ONSITES is employees’ well-being, which is why the company always strives to find ways of promoting, encouraging, and maintaining the good mental and physical health of each team member. The excellent health of all employees is the main prerequisite for their outstanding performance at the workplace. 

This is why ONSITES has decided to take a further step in providing exceptional working conditions to all of its employees by providing them with a high-quality health and dental coverage that will meet all of their needs. Since the 1st of January, 2019, all of ONSITES’ employees can benefit from a comprehensive insurance coverage provided by UNIQA Insurance. This initiative has brought to all employees multiple benefits available throughout the entire year. Once the contract expires the insurance is automatically renewed, ensuring that no one is left without a health coverage. Some of the highlights of this policy include a coverage of private medical treatment for utilization of outpatient services of all major general practitioners, specialists and dentists, as well as inpatient services including rehabilitation and physiotherapeutic measures. In addition, employees can also receive reimbursement of some medication and examination costs. ONSITES employees are not the only ones that can benefit from this insurance, since their family members with underlying medical conditions are also included in the agreement for this policy. 

ONSITES is a modern company and as such it always aims to improve in various aspects of its work. Two years after the concept of a medical insurance coverage was introduced to the team members, ONSITES decided that it is time for a change and negotiated a new plan with the same insurance company. The new changes were negotiated with the ONSITES team members in a meeting where all employees expressed their preferences. The meeting was held in the presence of an experienced health insurance agent who advised the staff members on the different possibilities so that an informed decision could be made. The new features included in the agreement provide employees with a higher amount for outpatient and inpatient services that could be used with any general practitioner or specialists at any hospital with a 100% reimbursement and excluding the need of a co-insurance. What is more, employees will also benefit from a 100% refund on dental and medication costs. The biggest additions for this new plan, however, are the monitoring during the pregnancy period and childbirth, as well as coverage for glasses. 

Another novelty is the way UNIQA Insurance works with their customers in order to comply with the safety requirements amidst the pandemic. Now everything is done online, which allows users to create their personal profile with a virtual card, have up to three consultations with a doctor, get information about any queries at any time during the day and at any day during the week, or submit a reimbursement claim. This is a very convenient method as it saves time in that it allows users to manage everything related with their health insurances from the comfort of their own homes with just one click. 

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