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Bird Alarm In The Office: Our Unforgettable Day At Work

An extraordinary surprise that will forever remain a memorable episode in our workplace series. Find out how our unexpected guest taught us a valuable lesson that made us discover the strength of our teamwork in a whimsical journey of unity and resilience.

15 Nov 2023 News Image

A typical Monday at the ONSITES office was about to turn into an adventurous experience with the unexpected visit of a little feathered surprise guest. Just as we were enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee we were interrupted by a tiny bird that made its way into our office through the open window. Fluttering fast with its wings, the little fellow perched on the highest shelf and quickly hid behind some boxes.


Welcoming Our New Team Member


The entire team instantly abandoned their coffee cups mid-sip and jumped to the rescue of the poor creature. Our bravest colleague quickly climbed on a ladder without thinking twice and took the tiny bird just like a superhero. Half the size of his palm, the bird was so frightened with its heart pounding fast, that we decided to calm it down by gently petting it.

In minutes we all agreed that this would be the perfect addition to our team. To welcome our new colleague properly we quickly fashioned a house from an empty box. As a welcome party, we gathered some seeds and a tiny bottle cap of water making sure our new team member felt right at home. Little did we know, this bird had a wild spirit.


Unimpressed by our efforts, the little fellow hopped out of the box and started flying viciously all over the office once again. This time we all became participants in a game of office tag. Each of us, armed with the first thing we could find, started chasing it around. As the bird raced from one corner of the room to the other, our attempts to capture it resembled a tragic ballet performance.


A Lesson In Teamwork


Minutes later we were able to finally catch it but this time we all decided that it was best for the bird to be set free. In the midst of all this, we unknowingly stumbled upon a lesson in teamwork. When the situation requires it, we can all quickly adapt to it and work together effortlessly towards a common goal. A silent understanding between us that was made with just a shared glance. Now we know that when faced with the unexpected, we can seamlessly join forces and address the situation all together.


And to the little bird that turned our office into a playground, thank you for the unexpected surprise as you made this rainy day a true delight for us. If you ever consider escaping nature and starting a new position as an SEO specialist you know where to find us. Just remember that this time your desk will be placed outside on the terrace.

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