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Digital Trends 2023: New year with new trends & opportunities

With the completion of another successful year, it is time to flip the page and start the new chapter of 2023 on a high note. As always, the team spirit is elevated and the goals for the new year are set. Businesses have encountered enormous challenges and have seen remarkable transformation in recent years, and this will not slow down in 2023. As digital experts, we are prepared to face the difficulties in today’s industry and keep crafting our innovative future with high motivation.

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High engagement from employees and clients


At ONSITES, employees are respected for their skills and talents. Every employee feels appreciated as a person. Everyone has the chance to express themselves. Professionals at ONSITES are encouraged to display ambitious personal objectives. Through our generous bonus system, motivation is constantly uplifted with monthly food vouchers, health insurance, MultiSport cards and much more. We also organize regular teambuilding activities and company dinners that promote the good spirit and friendly environment.


Our clients also feel acknowledged and supported every time they shop with us. We offer exclusive discounts, vouchers and free gifts to show appreciation and retain their interest. For the new year, it is our goal to keep growing and reach an even broader audience.


Digital change management


The technique for applying change management concepts in the context of digital transformation is known as digital change management. It guides individuals through the process of embracing, accepting, and implementing change. At ONSITES, we have always navigated the digital transformation and pioneered the adaptation of new trends in business. In 2023, we are continuing our hard work in four structured steps:


1.     Establishing the transformation's aims and objectives.

2.     Evaluating the organization's existing status and finding deficiencies.

3.     Developing a change roadmap that explains the procedures required to achieve the target state.

4.     Managing and implementing change at all levels of the company.


We firmly believe that good preparation is key for success and by having this stable strategy, we will reach our goals with ease.


Acceleration of development processes through marketing automation & low-code


Together at ONSITES, we embrace new digital trends and adapt them to our daily work process. Minimize complexity and concentrate on the fundamentals. That is the theme for 2023.


The term ‘marketing automation’ encompasses a wide range of software solutions that all have one thing in common: they enable firms to automate some or all of their marketing activities. As a result, employees are liberated from time-consuming, manual chores. These cloud-based solutions allow for the creation and maintenance of databases, individual processes, multi-stage campaigns, and the evaluation of their performance. By integrating this approach, we plan on easing employees’ work process and encouraging creativity.


Low-code is an approach to software development that requires less understanding of computer languages. This is typically accomplished by building an application on a graphical user interface or by producing adequate configuration files that can be managed without the need of extra tools. The objective of low-code development is to dramatically cut development time and project expenses while also reducing technological complexity. A group of professionals can collaborate to develop and launch an application faster. This will not only save time and expenses for our company, but also broaden our horizons and promote collaboration and teamwork.


The year 2023 is a promising one for ONSITES. We plan on continuing our mission in the digital realm and further taking our innovative portals and digital products to new heights using our established methods and new strategies cohesively.

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