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The job fair “Career Day 2019“ at Varna Free University: ONSITES seeks a university partnership

A successful debut: For the first time, ONSITES presented itself to local students in Varna at the career fair held by Varna Free University. Furthermore, the Chair of Information Technology offered ONSITES a sustainable university partnership.

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At the “Career Day 2019“ job fair held on April 18, 2019, ONSITES, for the first time, presented itself to local students at the “Chernorizets Hrabar“ Free University Varna. The by now largest private university of Bulgaria, which was founded in 1991, currently accomodates more than 10,000 students in more than 67 Bachelor and Master degree programs as well as 29 PhD programs. The attractiveness of Varna Free University was also reflected in the high level of interest shown by students as well as companies based in the region of Varna. Alongside ONSITES, there were 22 more Bulgarian and international companies presenting itself on this event, where students were offered both jobs and internships.

The career fair was opened by VFU Vice President Yani Yanev at 10 o‘ clock. He expressed his delight about the fact that this event had been held for the first time ten years ago and has by now become an annual tradition of the university. In his speech, Yani Yanev stressed the importance of the relationships between university, student and industry, pointing out that all three actors were in an immediate relationship of dependence. He explained that without shared values and interests, there is no possibility to find a way that connects us. Due to the immediate presence of local companies on the university campus, students are provided with the opportunity to inform themselves about job opportunities with potential employers and become familiar with different job profiles in advance. In return, companies can acquire new employees and enlarge their “corporate families“ at an effective and efficient level. After his speech, the Vice President welcomed Lilia Hristova, Director of the Directorate of Education and Youth Activities of the City of Varna, Elena Kenarova, Head of the Department for Education in the City of Varna, as well as Svetlozar Petrov, manager of Jobtiger. In her speech, Lilia Hristova emphasized the good partnership that has been existing between the City of Varna and Varna Free University for many years, and welcomed the high level of interest in the event on the part of companies and students alike. She underlined that there was a mechanism underlying the relationship between higher education and companies, and concluded her speech by expressing her wish that students find the workplace they desire and are happy to work in.

As the event progressed, ONSITES informed visitors about the current vacancies in the company at its individual consulting desk. Many students expressed their wish to initially do a student internship so as to be able to demonstrate their motivation for their potentially preferred job. Apart from digital marketing, there was a selective interest in the field of web development as well. Efforts were made to explain to those intereted in detail that internship positions at ONSITES require an extraordinary degree of motivation and stamina as well as outstanding commitment. Also, the interested students learnt that there is the possibility of them being accepted into an employment relationship after the internship has been completed, provided that they show the required skills during the internship. This is due to the fact that ONSITES seeks to provide its employees with best-possible perspectives for their professional development which allow them to expand and deepen their skills through learning and working, as well as to assume responsibility within their own scope of action at an early stage.

Last but not least, at 13 o’clock, a personal meeting was held between the Head of the Department for Information Technology and Business of Varna Free University, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Galina M. Gardeva, and the representatives of ONSITES. She offered ONSITES various possibilities regarding a potential partnership with the university’s digital web and marketing department, explaining in what way both parties could benefit from this partnership. For example, there is the option for the digital department to provide current as well as potential employees with training and further training opportunities in the future. Such training and further training measures are particularly essential for the digital natives working at ONSITES in order to always be up to date about new techniques and strategies. ONSITES, for its part, can present its strategies through case studies within the academic landscape of Varna Free University. The goal of developing and presenting such case studies is to familiarize students of Varna Free University with various solution strategies from ONSITES‘ world of practical work. While students can gain major knowledge, skills and abilities in the real-world business, ONSITES is given the opportunity to further develop its corporate brand and promote it in public. The represenatives of ONSITES welcomed the proactive approach adopted by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Galina M. Gardeva, and it was agreed that there would be a continuation of the dialog about this promising opportunity soon.

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