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Career Day "IT, Communications and Outsourcing" in Varna 2019: IT professions are the future and the engine of digitalization

For the twelfth consecutive time, the “Career Day” event took place. ONSITES proudly took part in the “IT, Communications and Outsourcing” themed day, presenting itself to a crowd of interested students and prospective job candidates.

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For the tenth year in a row, the online career platform JobTiger held the event “Career Day”. Taking place on October 16th 2019, at the Rosslyn Dimyat Hotel in Varna, the event featured 23 companies from the city. This event was especially focused on the fields of IT, Communications and Outsourcing as some of the key industries with a job market characterized by multiple opportunities. ONSITES proudly participated for the second consecutive time, presenting itself to the crowd of interested attendees, among whom mainly students searching for the career path suited for them.

The digital sector is one of the fastest-growing and most innovative. There are constantly new job positions being opened and the outlook for future development is promising. IT and Communications are constantly evolving, and in the meantime offering new opportunities for expansion and professional success. However, according to the CEO of JobTiger, Svetlozar Petrov, there is too great of shortage in IT specialists, both worldwide and in Bulgaria. Statistics show that there are currently between 10,000 and 30,000 open positions in the country. This gives students the opportunity to start planning their career early and potentially apply for an internship that helps develop their skills and gives them much needed experience. 

The aim of the “Career Day” was to introduce students and prospective job candidates to the leading companies in the field of IT, Communication and Outsourcing. “Career Day” generally helps people to find their dream job, but also companies to find the right employees. Another great advantage of the “Career Day” event is the opportunity for students to participate in networking and exchange information, so that they can enrich their resource library and contact list. Networking is extremely important for any prospective professional, because it lets them introduce themselves to potential employers and coworkers, grow in status, and improve their confidence when applying for a job. The nature of the event encourages personal contact – something that is significant in any sector, because it helps companies and potential job candidates alike leave a lasting impression.

During this year’s event, there were various teambuilding activities, which participants were able to join. Along with games to lighten the mood, a lot of information was given about the current job market and future career prospects for students. All 23 participating companies were able to effectively present their business, along with their main objectives and goals for the future.

At the event, ONSITES presented itself as a digitally-advanced and forward-thinking company with a passion for growth in an ever-changing environment. ONSITES stood out as an attractive employer brand, acting as a driver of the digital future with interesting jobs. Students and graduates were greeted with a friendly welcome, and the ONSITES team made sure that everyone received individual attention, leaving no question unanswered. As a token of appreciation for the demonstrated interest, visitors of the ONSITES desk received a giftbag that included the company’s information, one branded cookie, and a small surprise. Along with the gifts, participants were given the opportunity to put in their names for a raffle competition for digital gadgets.

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