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Staying fit and motivated at the desk: ONSITES launches corporate health management

ONSITES cares about the health of its team. After all, employees are more motivated and more effective when they are fit and in good health. To that end, the company takes measures of both health promotion and health prevention.

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Globalized markets require from companies an increasing degree of innovative power and competitiveness. As a result, employees feel the pressure from this globalized working environment to a greater extent. Executives too are frequently exposed to greater strains. Accordingly, more and more employees suffer from back problems or cardiovascular diseases, which are often triggered by sedentary activity or stress factors. Therefore, ONSITES will position itself with a health-oriented corporate and leadership culture every employee can benefit from. The new concept of corporate health management is based on health protection and health prevention. 

To properly protect the health of all of its employees, there has been a framework agreement between ONSITES and UNIQUA Insurance since January 1, 2019, the scope of which was comprehensively agreed upon with the involvement of all employees as early as December 2018. The contract rate brings significant added value to employees: for example, the insurance covers private medical treatment for utilization of outpatient services of all major general practitioners and specialists as well as dentists. Also covered are inpatient services including rehabilitation measures. Furthermore, the scope of services covered also includes physiotherapeutic measures as well as medication costs. Among the beneficaries of this first-class service package are not only employees of ONSITES but also their family members, since this option is provided for in the agreement with UNIQUA Insurance. Even employees and family members with underlying medical conditions are included in the agreement. With these services, the existing shortcomings of statutory health insurance in Bulgaria can largely be overcome. Contributions for this health insurance are paid in full for each employee by ONSITES. That way, ONSITES, being an appealing and socially competent employer, creates access to excellent medical care for all employees and their relatives. With UNIQUA being the insurer, all employees also enjoy good advisory and support services of a renowned health insurance company.

Within the scope of health prevention, ONSITES has concluded a group contract for the use of the MultiSport card with the renowned company Benefit Systems Bulgaria. This card enables employees of ONSITES to engage in more than 500 different sporting activities in 750 different places in Bulgaria. The scope of these activities includes general fitness activities, bicycle training, table tennis, aerobics, Pilates, kickboxing, bowling, swimming in general and thermal baths, as well as relaxation in saunas, yoga studios or salt cabins. Participation in dance classes is possible as well. Family members of employees can benefit from the Multisport card too, given that ONSITES provides its employees with this option. These possibilities allow to push forward health activities, reduce stress, encourage relaxation, and strengthen both physical and mental resources.

Last but not least, ONSITES also pushes forward health promotion and health prevention when it comes to the design of work and working conditions at the workplace. Modern and bright office islands featuring comfortable desks and ergonomic office chairs and providing a wonderful view to the green oasis of Varna as well as to the Black Sea create a productive, friendly and relaxed working atmosphere. The kitchen, which has been fully equipped by the employer, provides employees with free coffee and tea, water and juices, fresh fruit, diverse kinds of cereals and fitness bars every day. The office’s adjoining terrace encourages employees to do brief and relaxing workouts. Overall, there is a vivid working environment every team member gets the most out of.

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