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The career raffle is decided: ONSITES congratulates all winners

The raffle on the ONSITES desk attracted a lot of interest from visitors during the “Career Day” event on 16th October 2019. With prizes including smart fitness trackers and earphones, everyone wanted to have the chance to win a gadget. However, at the end only seven could prevail. And here are the winners!

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During the “Career Day” 2019 event with the theme “IT, Communications and Outsourcing”, held on 16thOctober at the Rosslyn Dimyat Hotel in Varna, ONSITES presented itself, alongside 22 other companies from the city and region, as a new-generation digital and future-oriented company. The objective of the event was to introduce leading companies in the sector, and for students and potential candidates to find their future career path. During the event, a number of activities were held, including teambuilding games and competitions, which uplifted the spirits and ensured the good mood of each and every attendee. One of the activities, however, attracted particular attention and interest – the ONSITES raffle. The ONSITES desk was visited by a high number of people. Every visitor was encouraged to put their name in a box in order to take part in the raffle. With prizes including high-tech gadgets such as fitness trackers, earphones and electronic watches, the raffle was the talk of the event. A week later, seven lucky winners were drawn randomly from the box and invited to the ONSITES office to collect their gifts. The “Career Day” event was a pleasant experience for everyone involved, with ONSITES leaving a lasting impression on all visitors who stopped by the desk. 

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Time to celebrate: ONSITES marks its third birthday!

The 4th of May marks the third birthday of the company. Let’s take a look back and evaluate the achievements...

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More than just a workplace: ONSITES celebrates the achievements of its employees

ONSITES once again goes above and beyond for its employees. Today the company is celebrating the achievements of Stanimira Dyakova...