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Time to celebrate: ONSITES marks its third birthday!

The 4th of May marks the third birthday of the company. Let’s take a look back and evaluate the achievements of ONSITES since the very beginning.

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What started from a simple idea for a fresh start-up business back in 2018, has now flourished into a modern digital company that has positioned itself on the digital market with numerous projects in its portfolio. Only three years ago, ONSITES started with a small team of two web developers, two content writers and one graphic designer. Now the company has expanded and is happy to work with nearly 30 employees in various fields of activities offering exciting positions some of which feature Digital Performance Marketing Specialists and Product Managers. Here one can find a vibrant atmosphere and great workspace that stimulates the creativity and innovative thinking of its team members.

The very first project that also happens to be the biggest project that the company has worked on is UNIVERSITAET.COM. A modern and innovative platform that helps prospective students find the perfect way to study in the DACH region. After two years of hard work and dedication the project is expected to be launched in May 2021 in full force. Yet throughout these three years, the ONSITES does not only satisfy with this project but has also focused on more than ten other projects, most of which closely related to educational marketing. PLAGCHECK.ME, THESIS.ME, PROMOVIEREN.COM are only few of the projects designed to help prospective and current students by offering them high-quality services from printing and binding, through smart plagiarism solutions for their written work and more. 

The nature of the different projects is so diverse that some of them like TRANSLATIONS.BIZ also touch on the artificial intelligence science by offering state-of-the-art digital translation devices that will help customers tackle any challenges related to the language barriers that might occur when travelling or doing business with people from multiple different backgrounds. 

ONSITES activity is not limited only for the consumers and customers but it also concerns the company’s employees and their personal growth of knowledge and practical skills. Therefore in 2020, ONSITES entered in collaboration with the Open Institute that offers various courses in the field of digitization. This initiative has brought many benefits for ONSITES’ team members as it allows them further expertise achieved through theoretical and practice-oriented courses. 

Reflecting back on the past three years , ONSITES is very proud of its accomplishments and successes despite of its short company history. Nevertheless, this will never be enough as ONSITES continues to set new goals for its business by always striving to be up to date with the current trends in the digital world. 

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